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Source code conversion between assemblers help

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I have an unnamed assembler source code that I am trying to convert to MADS. The problem is I am new to MADS. What experience I've had with assembly language on the Atari 8bit was with the MAC/65.

There's a splash screen that displays until the program completely loads, then the main program starts. I've isolated the transition to this code snippet.

*= $02E2
.word ADVERT
*= $02E0
.word MAIN


How would I do this in MADS?

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I think the * represents the current address, so that is the equivalent of an ORG statement.
I don't use MADS but it may expect .org or .ORG
The .word statements may be labels or variables.
So it could be like this:
.org $02E2
.word ADVERT
.org $02E0
.word MAIN

or like this. I've had people ask me why I use the colons, so those can probably be omitted. Just a habit I started with another assembler that most don't seem to mind.

.org $02E2
.org $02E0

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The other differences are:


sed 's/asl\.w/aslw/' |\
sed 's/rol\.w/rolw/' |\
sed 's/lsr\.w/lsrw/' |\
sed 's/ror\.w/rorw/' |\
sed 's/ASL\.W/aslw/' |\
sed 's/ROL\.W/rolw/' |\
sed 's/LSR\.W/lsrw/' |\
sed 's/ROR\.W/rorw/' |\
sed 's/asl a/asl/' |\
sed 's/asl A/asl/' |\
sed 's/lsr a/lsr/' |\
sed 's/rol a/rol/' |\
sed 's/ror a/ror/' |\
sed 's/ror A/ror/' |\
sed 's/ROR A/ror/' |\
sed 's/\.include#\(.*\)/icl \"\1\"/' |\
sed 's/\.sbyte "/dta d"/' |\
sed 's/\.SBYTE "/dta d"/' |\
sed 's/\.byte >display\+ \(.*\)/.byte \>(display\1)/' |\
sed 's/\.byte <display\+ \(.*\)/.byte \<(display\1)/' |\
sed 's/.*\.opt .*//' |\
sed 's/.*\.OPT .*//' |\
sed 's/\[/(/g;s/\]/)/g'
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@Pirx: Nice


Check out the section in the WUDSN IDE FAQ. Describes it for ATASM which is MAC/65 compatible.




Esp. notable is the difference in using single/double quotes. Maybe that's in Pirx' magic script, too - I don't speak SEDish :-)

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