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FS: System Fairchild (Channel F) homebrew Pac-Man.


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If you bought something you're free to sell it any price you'd like.

It started at $99 or something, you don't know how much people will bid.


Isn't it nice to know your Pac-Man carts are worth at least double what you paid? ;-)


Unfortunately I can't bid myself as seller only ships to the US and Canada. ;-)


... it's tempting to wrap one up and sell on eBay - even if eBay holds the money for ransom (for about a month) until buyer gets it and leaves feedback.

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I see someone is selling one of these on eBay (at a significant markup). I hope they didn't just buy it in order to turn around an resell.



Just for full disclosure purposes here, the one on eBay belongs to me. The auction started at $99, which was the purchase price originally. The market is responsible for the "significant markup". To alleviate your fears of original intent when purchased....I purchased multiple from Fredric to help with getting them made. There was a minimum he needed in order to order parts so I obliged and purchased 3. I still have two from that batch as well as one of his original ones. Fredric was contacted by me to let him know that I had it listed on eBay. Braces for my 11-year-old-daughter as well as a hefty tax bill from the feds and the great state of California necessitated selling some items from my collection, including a Xante cart and a CIB Foot Craz for the Atari 2600. I was going to remove Pac-Man once the Foot Craz sold but someone had already bid on it so I decided to let it go. Now someone else who really wants it can enjoy it and I'll just call it a win-win. :)



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Oh balls, you sold your foot craz! :(

Didn't come for any of my searches you have a link to the listing!

Sorry Mark, had I realized you might be interested I would have contacted you. Shoot. :(


Private sale, so no eBay link. I had not planned on selling it but the Xante buyer wanted it and offered a good price.

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I have one more Pac-Man cart that I might put on eBay - unless someone here is interested? It's number -22...



I was also considering making a Pac-Man themed Multi-Cart that has Pac-Man box and labels and will start as Pac-Man unless you hold button 1 when resetting - then you'll land in the Multi-Cart menu and it will run as a normal Multi-Cart.

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Personally, whatever someone wants to pay. Not a problem. The constant "you paid x, and you're selling it for y" debate. complete nonsense. why does it bother you.

Because hoarding limited items for the sole purpose of reselling at a crazy profit is douchey, sure anyone is free to do so (there are all kinds of douchey things that are perfectly legal to do) but don't expect it to come with respect from the community.

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Instead of buying a complete brand new set from here for $120... get the one currently on eBay for $140+ (used with no instructions). 

Always interesting to see where they end up. I guess $140 on eBay is the same as $120 when not selling on eBay. 



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