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Thinking about something for the HxC Floppy Emulator


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EDIT: I amde a few mistakes in my initial post. I failed to describe my nbeed for such a thing.

I didn't realize that my floppy cable is not really some proprietary cable is it?

Because it only has 2 female edge connectors, no female pin connectors like what you would use for a GoTek, hence my need for one of these.


Are PC floppy cables compatible with the TI?


In looking at the GoTek running HxC firmware for the TI, I see they say that MFM & FM tracks supported. - Is this what a stock disk controller supports inside of a PEB?

EDIT: By stock disk controller I mean using a GoTek with an unmodified disk controller (40-track).

If yes, then wouldn't I only need a *proper 34 (2x17) pin IDC header female to 34 pin IDC Edge Male adapter for the GoTek?

I can't find one in the wild, only thing I keep coming across is this:
so I'm probably going to have to make one myself unless any of you can squish that idea with more relevant facts I don't know about yet.

*By proper I mean twisted (if needed) like we see on old floppy cables that have all female connectors on them.

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Just buy the pc cable. Take off the connector after the twist (use a hair dryer to warm the cale so it slips out easy.) Untwist the twisted section and put the connector back on and your good to go.


Seriously? So the 34 pin connector on the gotek pin out will match what the controller needs to see?


If I were to use the first 34 pin connector (before the twist) then I wouldn't have to modify the cable in this picture at all?

However; if I also want to connect a 5 1/4" drive at the same time then I would need to untwist the last connector?


I want to make sure I understand completely. My intent is to reprogram my current gotek on my amiga and use it on the TI. Then I'll decide whether or not I want to buy second GoTek.


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