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SWTPC 6800 / SWTPC MF-68 Disk System / FLEX 1.0 ...


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SWTPC 6800 / SWTPC MF-68 Disk System / FLEX 1.0 / Disk Basic / Lunar Lander

FLEX is a CP/M like OS for the 6800 series of processors.
FLEX machines used a rather unique slot/buss design.
Memory and CPU were on SS-50 slots, and peripherals were on smaller SS-30 buss slots across the back.
If you pay attention when he's talking about the different slots, you will notice it has a similar design to the Apple II slots... except it came out over a year before the Apple II. Slot 6 is even the disk controller slot in both systems.
Gee, now where did Woz get that idea? Hmmm...

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