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MSX 2: What is this "mod/switch"?


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It's NOT a momentary switch, so things like reset are out.
It switches 4 wires, so *maybe* a power switch to replace one that doesn't function correctly... but I doubt that.
If I had to guess, I'd say it's a video mod or speed mod.
If it's video... PAL/NTSC? Speed... 4MHz/6MHz?
It does not look like something that would go with a printed circuit board. Definitely a do it yourself type of mod.
If this is a system you are looking at buying... this could be really neat... or really bad and require soldering to undo some damage.

Maybe an RGB mod?
You could ask here:

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The Philips VG-8235 originally came with a full height (?!) floppy drive, single sided so 360K. Most people have replaced it with a half height drive, whether wired as 360K or modified to 720K. Unfortunately the opening is not tall enough to shoe-horn in two drives into the case, unless one finds extra slim 3.5" drives.

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