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Price Check: Gim Electronics Fire Command - VC-2001


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I've come across something I have not seen before: A Gim Electronics Fire Command joystick for Atari 2600. The exterior has some dings and scratches, and the stickers are missing. It does work perfectly though. Both buttons and the stick tested. It really feels like an arcade stick and buttons. It's very heavy with an all metal base.


I was hoping to find out if anyone had any ideas on value? I'm interested in selling really. Rare, but not in the greatest condition.


Here is some info I found on 2600connection.com: http://www.2600connection.com/faq/controllers/faq_controllers.html


Heavy-duty micro-switch controller that works quite well but is a little stiff. It has a fire button on either side of the stick and weighs a whopping four pounds! It's an extremely rare stick (only a few have currently been confirmed to exist). The ad mentions Ultra Tech Distributors but not GIM Electronics Corp. Retail price $39.95.






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I'm surprised the one that recently sold on eBay didn't go for more. It was an auction, not a BIN, and it sold for the minimum to the only bidder. I was tempted to buy it as a spare, but I couldn't justify it just because it was cheap. This was the best arcade stick you could buy for your Atari BITD, and they are rare. I remember drooling over the ads for them in Electronic Games (like the one above).

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I would say they don't sell for alot because most people have no idea what they are so they don't look for them. They are nice and pretty uncommon.

Makes sense.


Thanks for the info everyone. I'm going to keep it and enjoy it. Unless someone here really needs it for their collection -- make me an offer via PM if you want it to keep and use.

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