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Sometimes I like to play around on my keyboard. Recording crap no one will ever listen to except me. Sometimes something good will come out of it. Like an idea of a noise. I periodically make cds filled with weird noises. I have seven filled up and I'm working on #8. Well, I shouldn't say "filled up" because I only use 32 out of a maximum 99 tracks. I chose 32 because I doubt any more info would fit on the back besides track number, title and length for 32 of them. Even then I've had some trouble with names being too long and having to shorten them. I've been doing this since June 2014. Each CD varies but they're all about 3.5 minutes long, working with a self-imposed rule that none of the tracks shall be longer than 9 seconds. I give them weird names. Like this one I'm going to share with you, it's called "Licking Toilet Paper Is Fun (There's Bits of It Stuck To My Tongue)". The track has nothing to do with toilet paper. I do this when I'm bored. Like today, when Mom was gone all day with my sister's family. They went to the State Fair. It's located in the town. Because I live in the capital of our state. Lots of activities, like next year on August 21 at 10:15am when the solar eclipse will come and the place will be in total darkness for 2 minutes. But not in Portland. Or Eugene. That should be loads of fun. I plan to use my camcorder to capture the total darkness. That would be fun to watch. Total darkness for 2 minutes. But anyway, back to my sounds. I edit them in Audacity. I paulstretch, cut out parts and reuse them, and other stuff until it just sounds "correct" to me.
EDIT: It won't let me just link to the mp3. No, it has some stupid broken player it thinks it has to put on the blog page. So bang goes that idea.

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