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Hummingbird Eproms Policies


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With the proliferation of Eprommers in the community, I have received some requests for EPROM code from some of our forum members over the past few months. At times, I am happy to supply the code and at other times I am reluctant to do so. I know it is sometimes confusing but let me explain the reason why this is so. Basically, the code in my inventory falls into three categories:


1) Code that is available for download by the general public. That would include almost everything posted here on Atariage. If I have the code, I will gladly email it to you or at least point you in the right direction so that you may download it yourself. I will also be happy to burn an EPROM for you.


2) Code that I have permission from the author to distribute or code that I have modified myself that is NOT in general circulation. All of this code is either a modified DSR for a Peripheral card or a converted program image file converted to run in a cartridge. I will not release this code "into the wild" willy-nilly but will gladly burn an EPROM for you. The going rate is $6 per chip postpaid.


3) Code that may or may not be available to the public for download but is still actively being marketed by the author (ex. FBFORTH). In this case, even though I have the ability to create an EPROM, I will refer you to the author. Most of these are marketed through ARCADESHOPPER.


I am not able to supply cartridge boards, shells and labels, or manuals for any games.


I hope this clears up any confusion as to why I will email some EPROM code and not others.

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