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Nestopia controller question


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Hello. I got Nestopia recently and I'd like to sometimes try the games with the keyboard and other times with a gamepad (which is modelled after the Famicom's). However, when I plugged the controller in, it didn't ask me to map the controls to pad 1, so I manually mapped them, but when I unplug the controller and would like to use the keyboard, I'd need to remap the keyboard keys. So I decided to use Pad 3 from the emulator for the controller and Pad 1 for the keyboard, but the two problems are, it resets to pad 1 every time you load a new game, and I need to remap the controller keys every time I plug in the controller. Is there any way to have set keyboard keys when a controller is not plugged in, and let the emulator use the controller when it is plugged in, without having to remap every time a controller is plugged in and unplugged?

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Based on my use with controllers and emulators, most emulation software wasn't built with controller not swapping in mind. The only one I know of that can almost immediately swap is RetroArch but even it requires sometimes changing the setting.


Only thing I can think of is if it has a shortcut key for changing input.

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