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Drive wire with HC-05 blue tooth module...


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Hi there, I just started playing with the HC-05 bluetooth module which one can get for about $3.00 or less from china (or about $10.00 locally). at any rate, I connected one to my IMSAI clone (JAIR8080 system 8080A based single board computer with IMSAI Mini front panel) at any rate it's very very handy to use and easy to hook up. I suspect to hook it up to the existing serial port on the COCO i would need to tap into the digitil serial connectors (before conversion to RS232) in order to use it. :) I would still need to provide a level converter for the RX line of the HC-05 but thats a simple 2 resister affair.


worse case, i would use a max232 and level converter and plug right into the back of the coco without any need to modify... just not sure how I want to go. :)


Anyways after my success with the IMSAI, i may add bluetooth to all my retro computers that require a serial connection for any reason to a pc. or mobile device now that I think of it. :)


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