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Super Controller diagnostic software for the adam?

Milli V

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Yes, Coleco had a SAC Controller Tester cart for in-house use that was dumped to a rom file and is widely available... I will upload it here later when i'm home (i up'ed it to one of the Edladdin threads if you can't wait).


It tests everything on the SACs including the extra firebuttons and the spinner.

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Here is the rom file...


To use, copy to the AtariMax multi-cart if you own one (if memory serves me, there is already a controller diagnostic included on the AtariMax Ultimate SD Cart, but don't recall if it tests the spinner) or to a CopyCart prepared Disk or DDP. You could even convert the rom file to a CP/M file and then run setup for use with the CP/M cart copier Gamesave.com

Super Action Controller Tester (1983) (Nuvatec).rom

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