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Atari To Make a New Game Console


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The Atari that "made" the Jaguar merged with JTS in '96 which declared bankruptcy in '99.

The Atari assets were sold to Hasbro Interactive in '98, which was sold in '01 to Infrogames, finally in '03 the name came back and Infrogames is now Atari SA. In '13 they seeked protection from bankruptcy and still undergoing quite the turnaround but they sold almost all Atari IPs.

Now they are a social casino company (whatever the hell that is) with a 10 people staff.


So you mean to ask Atari Casino to make a new console?



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I can tell your heart's in the right place but:

1. I can't sign a petition that reads like my 9-year-olds wrote it and

2. As cool as that fan-made mock-up looks, the current "Atari" isn't in a position to release ANY kind of hardware.




3. "Atari, Inc" hasn't existed since 1984, so your petition to them is an uphill battle, to say the least.

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A petition to who? Like said, the current Atari couldn't build itself a lightbulb switch. They're just IP squatters and have done little in the way of classic gaming as we knew and loved it.


..Also I'm not too keen on the current philosophy that would obviously go into making yet another modern-day system. We have enough already with the Wii, X-Box, and PS. Not to mention the PC - which arcs above all those and more.

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1. The dozens (hundreds?) of hours spent on modeling and rendering that console are thrown away by the illiteracy of that copy.

2. AtariAge and Legacy Engineering have done more for the Atari brand and are more "Atari" than Atari, Inc. will ever hope to be. That said, petitioning Atari, Inc. will be about as useful as shouting at the clouds.

3. Those controllers offer nothing new except a questionable button arrangement. I see the intent (Fuji-like pattern) but usability should never be sacrificed for a design gimmick.


The first point may sound mean and I'm sorry to have to put it that way but if you want to be taken seriously then you need to be able to communicate at or above grade school level.

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Found the same picture the OP posted on his/her/its petition page as an April Fool's joke:



So it's not even his own rendering ...... sigh!!!


Petition with an April's Fool design to a company that for all intents and purposes doesn't even exist anymore .... yeah.


QQ: what happens if he reaches 100 in that petition of his? What's next? Another petition to get to 1000? (because a petition of 100 frankly, is not gonna move anyone's needle)

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Does not matter if you got 1 BILLION signatures, the "ATARI" of today is in no shape to release a modern console. also, online petitions, especially chang . org DO NOTHING 99.9% of the time. Well OK not NOTHING, they DO manage to stir up fanboys and make headlines in garbage articles claiming it "news" but other than that just a waste of time.

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Considering it's like pulling teeth to get ahold of anyone from Atari NA, and as it's been beaten to death that they're not in any position to make a console, let alone most games...


I remember seeing that concept many years ago. Controllers do look awful. Kind of like the design of the console casing, but that's about it. Someone make up a nice Fuji PC case and 3D print it... that's about as real as this will ever become.

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It just goes to show the power of nostalgia that people still want new consoles from companies like Atari and Sega, even if they're no longer what they once were. Just the logo and the idea seems to be enough to get some hearts aflutter. Unfortunately, as was stated, it's not as easy as wanting it. It takes real money these days to launch something like that, let alone make it a success. We only need to look at how the Jaguar never gained momentum in the first place and the Dreamcast was unable to remain financially viable in the marketplace despite excellent momentum to see how difficult things can be when the right resources aren't in place.


From my perspective, it's OK that the old guard never makes a return. We'll still have the original hardware - and the foundations of the original hardware either through simulation, recreation, or emulation - so it really won't go away, particularly when we still have new software being made, which is probably the most important bit. In the end, I think that's all we really want anyway. A "new" Atari or Sega console could never recapture that same magic that even in the best of times was only present sporadically.

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