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.DSK Repository (Original Disk Copies)


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It's been 33 years since Texas Instruments bailed on us, and who would have known that the TI community would be GROWING in 2016! The thing is, there are so many different copies and formats available to use now for programs, FlashROM 99 format, .HFE's of various sizes and densities... so to maintain usefulness for everyone, it might be nice to have things in their original format too.


So if you have any ORIGINAL DISKETTES, please feel free to make copies of them and post them in this thread. Message #2 will be the index/shortcut to files.


* This is new so there will be editing and revisions.


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there are a bunch of thses on ftp.whtech.com im sure


Oh, I'm sure there are, but finding them there is a chore and the average person does not have the ability to upload to the site. So since almost anyone who is into the TI comes here, I figured we might as well have some of the cool stuff here too.


My goal is to have a real nice index broken down by company, then the software and/or any supporting diskettes the programs use and even the PDF of the documentation. Say for instance someone uploads a program like TI Artrist or CSGD, everything would be available in one easy to locate place. Then there is the added "Oh!" aspect, where someone might say, "That looks cool, I'll try it out." Some of these old programs are actually pretty nice, but some of them have faded into obscurity, this might change that.


With Sparkdrummer's "Yesterday's News" bringing some of these old programs back into light, I figured this would also be a great compliment to his efforts as well.

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