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Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe - ColecoVision


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There's a lot to love about this game. Are there any gameplay differences in the different versions? Seems like I've seen a standard edition, a limited edition, a special edition and a Coleco Expo edition. How do they vary?

The Intv version was the first one, in the CV version I expanded things a bit

With the SNES version, I'm also going to add more meat to it

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We're currently manufacturing the game

It's taking more time since the game will also be distributed in Asia and Europe as well

We're going to start shipping this Fall

Will the Colecovision/NES versions of Caverns of Death be released at the same time as the SNES version?

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I would try slideing it all the way left when slotting the cartridge. see if that works. And alternately all the way right.


There is a bit of room left and right and I think your pins are not touching completely. I've had a similar problem with some new carts but this usually fixes it.



/ <___________________ \


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Problem is that reset doesn't work unless you have an SGM plugged in. Works on an Adam this way also.


Yes, I can confirm my copy does the same thing. If the SGM is plugged in, it resets fine. If it is not plugged in, I get a black screen when I hit reset. Although I'm not sure why this is a big deal.

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