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Cas files don't load..?


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They work on my system - I just spent about 3 minutes booting up a .CAS file of the APX release of EASTERN FRONT: 1941 so I know it works.


Might help if you provide some details (operating system for the machine running RespeQt and the Atari you're trying to load them on, model of Atari you're using, and whether you're using a non-standard high speed cassette speed (it's under the Emulation settings in the Options window).


You might also maybe post a few of the troublesome .CAS files here so people can check if there's a quirk in the cassette code that's causing it to fail on them.

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Its my SIO2PC it uses a FT232RL and it don't load any cas files only disks,it loads the first part of the program then it starts the load the second part and comes up with loading error...weird


I have ticked under emulation "Use custom baud rate for cassette emulation" and it says 875.


I am using my Atari 800XL,its got to do with the board I am using,I have one from Ray(Atari8warez) and that work fine.


Thanks for the reply.

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