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Bounty Bob Strikes back in emulators


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I'm just kinda curious about this odd issues with Bounty Bob Strikes back (the atari 800 cartridge version) in regards to emulation.


On Atari800 the game will not let you activate the elevator on the 2nd level. I've tried several different versions. Oddly enough the cassette version (UK) works just fine, as well as the 5200 cart, if one wants to count that.


However the game works perfectly fine in Altirra.


So I was just curious from an emulation point of view what may be preventing the game from working properly on Atari800 using the Atari 800 cartridge version.


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I didn't know there was a cart version,the only one I know of is Miner 2049er,can you shear the rom file and I will see if it dose it here on my emulator and my real Atari 130XL..??


It was released initially on a banked cart with US GOLD later releasing a tape version (think they did a disk too) ..Think it was part of their Americana range...

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@Spookt, take my comment of a possible disk version with a pinch of salt, I know there was a tape but they did like to put out some disks and it was more of a presumption they had. I'm pretty sure that after thinking about it that if a disk had turned up it would be one of those that would have been dumped in the day considering the status of the title.


I think its fair to say that my memory was was unsure at best about it as in fact totally wrong and we have purely on official means a cart and a tape..


Sorry to mislead...I'm usually pretty good but stress is playing its part at the mo..


Edit: Finally understand why I thought there was one, there definitely ISN'T an Atari version BUT there was a Wallet version for the C64 and as I collected both that is how I made the mistake..


Here's a link to the covers of the C64 one



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No worries. I've seen the disk version mentioned a number of times over the years but never actually seen a copy. Something in the back of my head even tells me I'd seen it advertised back in the day, but that might be a false memory.


Since BBSB is one of my favourite games and I've owned the cart, US Gold and Americana tape versions in the past, I'd have loved to see the disk version had it existed.

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I can only imagine that the C64 version was written differently and intentionally for disk and tape whereas the Atari was cart and then decarted for the UK market to keep costs down as it had been out a while in the US, plus US GOLD always put the C64 first with the Atari just about getting a look in...

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