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Interest check: flat, wide, HD CRT w/HDMI in and remote

Blazing Lazers

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Just had some unplanned Labor Day laboring, involving a pickup from a nearby curb of a Toshiba flatscreen, widescreen, HD CRT with HDMI input and two of all other inputs (composite, s-video, component, RF, etc). Has a manufacturing date of October 2005. Set's in great shape cosmetically, comes with the remote, and seems to work just fine. I already have a few of these as daily users and they work great with everything from the Channel F through to the 180/PS4, though only regularly use them for my 360, Xbox, and Gamecube. But even though I have enough, I could not let a treasure like one of these sorts of sets go to waste, so I rescued it. If anyone here wants to arrange to take charge of an example of the ultimate in CRT sets, let me know. Ideally a local pickup would be great if you're anywhere near the District. Otherwise, shipping would be brutal on this. There's nothing better than gaming in 720p/1080i on a beautiful CRT set! Pix to follow...

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