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Arcade-X controller on 7800/2600?


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I have an Arcade-X controller that I picked up way back to try to enjoy Mame a little more.


Wondering if there is a way via an adapter or something to hook it up to a 7800 or 2600?


I have done some googling and I see mentions of PS / NeoGeo adapter. But no real definitive solutions. So I am coming to the pro's here at AA.


I already have a PS2 adapter for Arcade-X to use with the different arcade flashback discs that came out.


Has anyone else pulled this off? Is it possible?

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There is a way, but you have to buy an official X-arcade Playstation/Dreamcast/Gamecube combo adapter. Then buy a Tototek Playstation to Genesis adapter (or maybe the alternative "Kipper2k"). Then buy a B.E.'s Genesis to Atari cable from Best Electronics. Yes, three adapters required to get an X-Arcade working for 1 button games on the 2600 and 7800...


Now if you want the 7800 two button games to work you can substitute a Seagull78 adapter from Edladdin for the Best Electronics cable, but it's more $$$.


Raphnet does make a Playstation to Atari 2600 convertor cable so that might be able to get plugged in to the X-arcade official Playstation adapter for success on the one button 2600/7800 games, but I have not tried it, so be aware they may not be truly compatible with eachother.

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Here's a link for the Kipper2k adapter: http://www.kipper2k.com/psx.html


Link for the Seagull78 adapter: http://edladdin.com/Seagull-78-Controller-Adapter-ec-2-001.htm


the link for the Tototek adapter: http://www.tototek.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=23&products_id=54


When it comes to Best Electronics you might do best buy calling them to place an order...

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When the X-Arcade is plugged into a computer, it is recognized as a modern keyboard. The controller board in the X-Arcades sends keyboard signals, meaning each of the button and joystick triggers is sent as a keypress.


Since a classic Atari console cannot understand modern keyboard inputs, it is not compatible with an unmodified X-Arcade.


The X-Arcade Dreamcast / PSX / Xbox adapter translates the keyboard signals from the X-Arcade into the correct signals for the specific console.


However, it is possible to modify the X-Arcade. Open the bottom, unplug everything from the controller board, and rewire the joystick and buttons to be an Atari controller. Of course, then it will work with Atari but no longer as a USB controller for computers and emulation.

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