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Wanted to buy: Jaguar games to complete my collection


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Hi all. I'm after the following, preferably complete.


Pinball Fantasies

Dino Dudes

Braindead 13 CD

Hover Strike (cartridge)

Soccer Kid


World Tour Racing CD

Total Carnage

Tyrant 1-Button Controller for Superfly DX


Any of the other post Atari releases and / or protos are also of interest to me (Aircars, Double Feature, Space War 2K, Hockey, Painter, Caves of Fear CD, American Hero CD etc etc).

PM me if you're willing to sell / trade any of them. Thanks :)

15 Sept: Edited to omit recent purchases.

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Would you pay $10 for the Dragon's Lair outer box? If yes, I may have one.

Yes :) (got pictures?)


Get in touch and we can work something out.


Edit: I'm currently contemplating buying one with a bunch of other stuff from an auction. I'll confirm whether I decide to or not to as the case may be.

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Bump. Still after the above games. Pinball Fantasies and Brain Dead 13 would complete my original set of games, Worms, Soccer Kid, and World Tour Racing would complete my original + Telegames releases (I honestly can't remember why I never purchased them back in the day), and the rest would be great extras to have and play (yes, I do play them!).

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