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Excel Magazine PDF Download

Bob The Bug

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Hello to all Atari 8-bitters


If you find the postage costs of mailing out the printed magazine to your part of the world too expensive, I have been pondering on the idea of making the magazine available as a digital download, i.e. a PDF file available from the website @ £1 per issue.


Good idea... or crazy talk...?



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I have just been recommended the 'Excel' Magazine by a good friend on here and I have been wanting to give it the once over. A *.PDF version would be an ideal way for me and other prospective subscribers. I have no doubt that once we have a taste then we'll be wanting a physical magazine to add to our archives as well!!! Although I fear my wife will not be pleased if I add more to my Atari paper collection/unsteady pile of 30 year old magazines!!!

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This is really a great magazin. I live in germany and ordered all 2 issues. The PDF version is really a good idea to save postage costs, but i think, you can ask for the same price as for the printed version, or at least 3,99. I will continue to order the printed edition but if i could additionally download the pdf version, i would be happy :)

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Tricky situation here, the PDF is definitely worth at least £2.00 imho but a couple of the buy-able printed magazines with PDF version go for free (the PDF version only) on the C64 scene. Personally I'd start out on 2.00 and see how it gets on.


Hopefully you will get stuff sorted on the distribution side, I know you are trying desperately for that but people need to realise its the weak pound and a rip off postal system here causing the issues, not the magazine itself..


On a side note, I HATE PDF mags, too fiddly and there's just something that feels right with a real mag in your hands..PDF's loose the magic the mag had, better than nothing but the real thing roolz :)

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