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The Best PC ST emulator(s)


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I don't visit the ST forums often, so I hope this is the right place for this question....


What is the best DEDICATED Atari ST emulator out there? (Subjective I know)


For years I was completely sold on Steem Engine, but a downgrade to Windows 10 seems to have slowed it down considerably (I also downgraded my PC's GPU when both my SLI cards died, which may have effect emulation speed as well (seems to have killed fullscreen anyway)

Steem Engine is getting pretty old now, and the only other dedicated emulator I've tried and liked was WinSTon a gazillion years ago, so I'm wondering if there are any new emulation software out there that I may have missed.

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Steem is still updated, so fullscreen problems in Windows 7-10 are solved too. My opimion is that Steem is the best.



Thanks for this...always loved Steem and thought it had simply become abandonware, and was searching for something that came close. (All I could ever find was the 2004 version.) WinSTon was actually the proggie that introduced me to emulation (I'm guessing most folks started with MAME or the original N64 emulator), then Steem made the experience nearly indistinguishable from real iron (although not nearly as sexy as have a real STe on your desk).


Guess I'm not going to be getting anything productive done this weekend.

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I must say, I very much like Hatari, and I actually don't mind the UI that much. It's really the only option I got too, since I use Linux exclusively. And it has great documentation as well:




The only downside with it for me, is that memory snapshots are tied to the specific version of Hatari you're using. So if you later upgrade Hatari to a newer version, you can't use your current memory snapshots anymore. I believe Steem doesn't have that problem.

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As a Windows user - Steem v3.2 debug is all I normally use. Mainly because it's so powerful and the user-friendly GUI.


I do use Hatari when creating and testing new SNDH files as Hatari's sound emulation is far superior - I also use Hatari when games/demos fail on Steem.




Steem v3.2 Debug - 85%

Hatari - 10%

Steem SSE - 5%





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