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CMart's 2016 pickups thread


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Hello all, this thread has been a long time coming, in fact, it was meant to be my 10000th post. Better late than never I suppose....


At this point in my collecting for Inty career, it's increasingly hard to find stuff I need/want....or so I thought. :-D


Thanks to a number of friends here on AA and my Paypal account, it turns out that 2016 has been quite fun for me collecting wise and I thought I'd share some of my best finds with the fine folks in the Inty forums.


We'll start this with a couple of non Inty pickups that came from a buddy I play baseball with who knows that I collect old school games and apparently came across someone at work who had these available for free...






Now I haven't collected for either of these before, but they appear to be in great shape and I believe they work. Do I really want to go down this path?

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This one was a recent pickup and is part of a subset that is high on my list of variants to add to my collection. French Canadian Horse Racing with the sleeve overlay.




Steve has noted a number of them on his site, I have many to go.



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This sealed Backgammon ended up having a bit of a tear on the seal on the front of the box, but it's very hard to find a "For Color TV use only" version of this title and it's in great shape. It has since ended up on my Original 125 shelf.









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With a big hand from Intymike, I was able to fill one of only maybe 2 or 3 holes in my CBS/Coleco variations collection. I was unable to bid on an ebay Germany auction and not only did Mike get me the sealed one that was in the auction, but he also sold me a nice CIB version as well.






This should leave me missing just the CBS German Angry DK and I guess the clamshell Carnival if we think it's a real release.


Thanks again for these Mike, and thanks in advance for selling me your DK. :-D





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This was a smaller cool pickup that I liked for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I'm a sucker for French Canadian variations, especially when the boxes are in good shape, plus they had nice Sears price stickers on them, and secondly the Pitfall is autographed. :cool:











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The first of a few catalogs, this Aquarius User magazine is one I hadn't come across before and it had some write-ups on a couple of rather interesting items, one of which I have.














At some point, I'll have to do a small thread on my Aquarius collection...




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While I have a lot of Mattel catalogs, this is one that I'd never seen before, and merrily grabbed it. :D This is a 1983 Mattel France catalog, and it's quite a bit different than the 1982 Mattel France fold out "poster" that is quite a bit more common. Some funky TV/game set up in the second pic, a mockup of a French Intellivoice cartridge box that differs from the bilingual one that eventually was released, and some seriously cool looking posters/ads/standups in the last one. I'd kill for that Tron one. :jango:









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With huge thanks to Mr Me here on AA, I was able to right another wrong in my collection. As a Canadian, it's embarrassing that I had no Mattel Canada catalogs in my collection. That has now changed, although I do know of at least one more that I need. He also had a couple other neat smaller brochures as well about the Intellivoice and the upcoming ECS/Keyboard/Synth. As for the main catalog, a couple of notable items shown, as you can see the planned for 1983 Intellivoice Woody Woodpecker and Space Shuttle carts, as well as the mocked up white Intellivoice 2 and the raised keys keyboard for the ECS.












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Back in the spring I took my son to his first retrogaming expo, VRGE. It's a small show and I wasn't expecting to find much but I did find a couple of nice pickups.


Firstly, I added to my table top collection...




Secondly, I found what appeared to be just Inty commons...




turns out they weren't...






I'd never seen nor heard of Ciro Investments before now. Scans will be heading to Steve for his site.





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I know we joke about me hoarding stuff, but for the most part I really don't. Bandai units are an exception. :-D I picked these both up from a seller at very reasonable BIN's. They had been sitting for days at that price. I got my first Bandai off of Carl years ago when he was living in China and at that time that was my Inty holy grail. Now I think I have 7. :twisted:









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Now on to the really cool stuff....


As part of my hardware collection, I'm big on collecting controllers for the Inty. I didn't have either of these sealed and now I do. Also a nice CIB Inty 2 controller.








I have plans for an Inty controllers and accessories thread in the future as well.





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Another favourite thing for me to find is Inty ads and promotional materials and I found a seller who had a few very sexy items that I didn't have...










They're now displayed with a Lock'n'Chase stand up that I already had.




and it turns out he had something else I wasn't expecting...










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The next section involves help from more AA friends. ;-)


The first two helped build up my Shockvision collection: a boxed Shockvision Beamrider from Fushek..








and 3 loose Shockvision carts and a Shockvision Adapter from Liduario




Next up is a CIB KC Crosswords 3 from evg2000, filling a big hole in my KC collection...




and finally 11 sealed games and 1 cool CIB picked up from the next Province over by Tarzilla




I suspect more of these sort of items will appear later in this thread, along with Tarzilla's dog?!?!??! :-o

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Shockvision/Intelligames Part 2. I told you there was more to come. :evil:


I was able to pick up a few Intelligames carts to add to my now fair sized collection of those.






In addition, I grabbed some loose Shockvision carts to top up my loose cart collection.








I also picked up a pretty good sized CIB Shockvision lot...




and when you lump all of the new and the old together I think it's pretty impressive.




This gives us a pretty good idea I think of most of the Brazilian pirate games (along with the Digiplay that we already know about) and I'll certainly be on the lookout for any others that aren't already residing in my underground lair. :lolblue:









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and finally, Tarzilla's dog




and his nephew were very kind to help ensure these




and this




made their way safely to Vancouver so that now my KC collection looks like this




(Oh, and Tarzilla was helpful too.) :grin:


I hope you've all enjoyed my 2016 pickups thread, here's hoping I'll add some more cool things to it before 2016 comes to a close.


Thanks again to all that helped me build my Inty museum this year and in the past as well. :thumbsup:









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That French Space Spartans has French speech. It was, along with the french intellivoice, developed and i believe prototypes made. It would be great to have the roms available. It looks like none of the bilingual materials created for Canada was used in Europe.


Thanks for the pictures. Special request for photos of your serial# 111 console box.

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