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The next popular "Gamer Box" for retro-users?


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Gamers, for the most part, do not primarily focus in on hardware modifications, programming or other technical aspects of the various platforms they use, playing the cool games is the goal in itself.


Since many gamers have purchased and use multiple platforms, size and cost considerations do play a part in the continuing acquisition of new platforms to explore. Until recently, the TI-99/4A was not even a close contender for consideration. Let’s face it, the original expansion box is big, heavy and expensive. The TI-99/4A’s original storage method was not exactly “newbie friendly” either.


All that is changing! In fact the TI-99/4A may become one of the next “Hot Items” in the retro gaming scene. You see there has been a lot of continuing development for the TI over the past year, which is making it obscenely easy for a person to download games, and get them onto the TI.


There is now a ‘plug-n-play’ SD card based “Multi-Cart” << INFO HERE >>

There are hundreds of FREE and available files to download << HERE >>


There is a 32K Memory expansion currently in development that will simply plug into the side of the TI-99/4A that will allow one to use nearly all programs written for the original system.


Now some of you prefer a retro-screen, others a crisp and clear looking VGA display. That is also an option for the TI-99/4A you can read about that upgrade << HERE >>.


In short, the TI-99/4A can be a small-sized platform that will enable you to play a multitude of classic and awesome new games without having to spend a small fortune or clutter up your game room .

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