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Help: new in box 1050 drive


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Cool, thanks for the recs:


1) spin the belt


2) first diskette in should be one I'm willing to lose.



Did I read somewhere that I need to have the PSU plugged into the 1050 before plugging the PSU into the electrical outlet?

Any thing need sewing machine oil or similar?




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I'd open it up for sure, even though it's spoiling the new/never used aspect.


I would assume it has a shipping protector, like coated cardboard piece that inserts how a floppy normally would? Just that fact alone might mean there's unwanted crud transferred to the head, like maybe sticky crap which could damage both disks and the head itself.


Visual inspection of the belt and capacitors would be advisable too. Maybe even get the service manuals and volt test the relevant points to ensure +5 and +12 Volt rails are as they should be.

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