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Oregon Trail on Apple II emulator: switching disks


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I was trying Oregon Trail on my mobile's Apple II emulator (it might be an Apple IIe emulator actually), cAndy Apple.


There were 2 Oregon Trail rom images, one called "disk 1 of 2" and the other "disk 2 of 2". After a while of playing the game on disk one, it tells me to flip to the other side of the disk or something. I looked through the emulator diskette menu but I couldn't find such an option, so I assumed I had to insert disk 2 of 2.


I tried it, and upon inserting it, it tells me to "insert the other side" or something and won't start. So I went back to disk 1 of 2 and the game inevitably restarts.


So is it not possible to play the entire Oregon Trail on an Apple II emulator with this rom? I know of another version of OT but it takes 3 minutes to wait through the title screens before I could get to a menu to select OT as the program I'd like to run.

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Oh I found out now.


I had to disable rebooting when a disk is inserted, and then insert the disk 2 rom into the same slot.


Never done anything like this before cause I always assumed programs malfunction when you run it without the disk inside, less so having another disk inside it.

The one time I tried running a program without the disc in the disc drive in real life, it permanently corrupted the program on the disc, but I know, that wasn't Oregan Trail.

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