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What kind of "Atari gun" is this? May not be for 2600


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Was there even any gun games for the 2600 bitd? I think there are some homebrew light gun games but you'll need an atari computer gun. They have the same hookup.


That looks like one of the famclone guns and stock I doubt it would work. But you might could mod it. I made an adapter years ago to adapt a mastersystem lightgun without modding the gun itself...of course then I never got a lightgun game so I have no idea if it works other than theory.

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Sentinel and Shooting Arcade, IIRC.



Really? Cool. I'll have to look into those then :D

Shooting Gallery was unreleased IIRC, but I think the ROM is out there if you've got a Harmony Cart.


EDIT: I mean the Atari Corp. prototype, not the Imagic cart.

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