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Calling on 1200XL extended memory experts for help!


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I like the solution. The code needs cleaning up a bit too, there might be better ways

to get the job done, a work in progress as they say. Your solution will be included in

the next version for sure. It helps avoid explanations of the bit report just for

starters. I guess I wasn't such a hard sell after all. :)

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Ok, a bit bigger now but most won't complain anymore as I took the suggestions to heart

and killed the bit 4 deal too. Pretty much a standard that this one at least is working

the banks on portb, I can let it go.


Issue with ANDing the bytes resulted in FF every time, so that's not the way to go about

it. I wanted to do this that way to start with but happened to notice that using the

smallest value inverted was it. Anyway I knew the information we wanted was in there

somewhere so I tried inverting the bank bytes first. Same result, so then with a hack

to the atr I changed AND to ORA and had success. Then to put it into the source and build

it again. It seems to work fine, please do test it on the real thing and screen shots

always welcome. I thought I was going to able to trim a bunch of fat off, but

only a couple of shortcuts could be done.



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