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Power supply recommendation for P2


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I'm building a Pentium 2 machine to play DOS games.


I don't have the parts in front of me at the moment but it will basically be something like:


Pentium 2 (233 MHz I *IIRC*). Could be a little faster than this...can't remember the speed.

32-64 MB RAM

CD Burner (IDE)

Sound Blaster 16

Low end PCI (maybe AGP) video card. Nothing special.

3.5" Floppy drive

7200 RPM Hard drive


I'm wondering what power supply to get. It uses ATX but I don't want to spend much money if I don't have to. I'm running a modern Windows 10 machine now on a 750W supply. So I can't imagine I would need anything near that.


What size PSU would you guys recommend? I'm thinking around 400W.


Thanks for any suggestions.


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