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PRGE Attendance & badges


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The badges have been printed as of 2016-09-20.


Ok, it is official. I'm planning to make PRGE 2016 badges/lanyards.


These are great for helping us remember who is who. Let's face it, we know each other best by our AA names and icons. These are free but you must pick them up in person at PRGE at the Intellivisionaries booth.


Below are the folks who have badges made for them:

  • evg2000
  • Rev
  • cmart604
  • Albert
  • Tarzilla
  • Rick Reynolds
  • BBWW
  • freewheel
  • y-bot
  • TrekMD
  • phaxda
  • SoulBuster
  • wolfy62
  • Nurmix
  • intellivotion
  • Special Teams
  • JasonlikesINTV
  • Spadafermo51
  • intvnut
  • intvsteve
  • RickR
  • Byte Knight
  • SharkCharmer
  • Stefan (batman)
  • LiqMat
  • TheKid4Ever
  • Bradd1978
  • Steve Ellena
  • ComputerSpaceFan
  • gunoz
  • gavvv
  • Lathe26
People who have requested badges after the 1st printing run. It has not been determined whether there will be a 2nd printing run.
  • Chuck D. Head
  • IntyPod Burgertime
  • gauauu
  • Intellinate
  • fdr4prez
  • KevinMos3
I will be using your AtariAge avatar. If you don't have one, add one in the next few days. Otherwise, you avatar will be the default of:


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