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Season 5 Bracket Tournaments


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Season 5 Bracket Challenge !


Season 5's Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Bracket Tournaments begin Monday, September 19th!

Here's how it works:



We will have three eight-man tournaments, one for each medal bracket.


How you finished overall in Season 5 will determine your tournament placement.


We will assign one game to each pair of players matched up in the tournament.


The games will be selected randomly from ALL games played during Season 5 (including bonus challenges). See list of Season 5 games below.


All three tournaments will occur simultaneously.


Rounds 1 and 2 will last one week each.


The FINALS will consist of three games and two weeks.

(If more than 2 players are involved in the finals then extra games will be selected)





* Posting often makes this competition more fun!

* Single-Elimination: Lose and you're out. Win and move on.


* You MAY NOT use the score you posted during the regular rounds, NEW SCORES ONLY!


* In the event of a TIE, both players move on (except in the final round).


* If neither player posts a score then both are OUT.

* [new rule] -- To keep each round active, and prevent a player from getting a "bye." :arrow: If BOTH players don't show up, the next available runner-up will be chosen as a stand-in replacement in the following round.







We will reward our medals!



*** Prizes will be awarded to the medal winners ***

Once again HSC member karokoenig will bestow Atari goodness!



Season 5 Games:


Mario Bros


Donkey Kong


Donkey Kong Junior


Pac-Man (Game 6/A)

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns

Official Frogger



Word Zapper (Game 24/A)

Defender II / Stargate


Venture (difficulty A/A)

Mr. Do!'s Castle

Adventures of TRON


Star Wars ROTJ: Death Star Battle (Game 1/A/A)

Elevators Amiss!

Stay Frosty

Breakout (Game 5/A)

Solar Storm

My Golf (9-Hole Challenge)

Double Dunk (5-min / 3pt Shots)

Fishing Derby

Demolition Herby (Game 3/B)

Dodge 'Em

Marauder (Game 4/B)


Missile Control



Suicide Mission

Cross Force

Montezuma's Revenge


Stampede (Game 8/A)

Atlantis II

Crash Dive

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Alright, these are the prizes for the final round (see also attached photo):


- Dark Chambers, sealed

- Big Bird's Egg Catch, sealed

- A CX40 joystick, CIB (the box being slightly stained. Stick is in great shape)


The terms will be simple:


Gold medalist can choose first, Silver medalist chooses from what's left, and bronze medalist gets the remaining item. I will take care of shipping.


I will be of course playing out of contest, so in the unlikely case of me winning the medal, the runner-up gets the prize.


(These items are again from a huge lot of stuff I got from user Andre81 for a ridiculously low price. I thought it would be nice to have some of that trickle back to the community).


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Congratulations to Season 5 Medal Winners !!




The GOLD Medal goes to darthkur !


The SILVER Medal goes to keilbaca !


And the BRONZE Medal goes to oyamafamily !


Good gaming guys, be sure to stay tuned to collect your prizes :)

Season 5 is finished, thanks to everyone for participating!

The HSC will now be on break for a while.

See you next season!

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Thank you!


Not going to lie, if it wasn't for this, I wouldn't be playing my Atari nearly as much as I do.


I love the work that goes into this, and it really is the highlight of my gaming. :)


Thank you S.BAZ for all of your hard work, karokoenig for the prizes, everyone for participating, and KaeruYojimbo for that wonderfully put together site with all of the stats!


See you all next year!

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Thank you,Gorfy. Special thanks to karokoenig for the prizes and thanks for everyone that partakes and contributes to the 2600 HSC.

I actually need the joystick more than anything. Never can have enough fully functional controllers for my vintage systems. So that's the one I choose.

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Thanks very much for congratulating me on the Victory in this HSC season.

Before I get the remaining prize, I am able to play only Atari games which require Joystick Controller, referring to real console sessions.

Games which require Kid Keyboard Controller I can play exclusively on Stella Emulator. I almost forgot to tell the Medal Winners I have an Atari 7800 console and 2 joysticks - Master System and Super 78 Edladdin.

And finally, my console color format is NTSC.

Thanks to S.BAZ for the nice work on season 5 of the 2600 NEW HSC. It was very fun.

And thanks very much to karokoenig for the prizes which will increase more and more tons of fun.

Edited by oyamafamily
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Darthkur has chosen.


Keilbaca, you're next. Oyama, after you mentioned that you can't do PAL, I re-checked. To my horror, I found that Big Bird's Egg Catch is indeed PAL. I could have sworn it was an NTSC game. Please keep that in mind. If neither of you has any use for a PAL game, I could offer an unopened Double Dunk instead, which is definetly NTSC (as is Dark Chambers). Would that be acceptable?


Once you have chosen, please give me your adressess via PM and I will send the stuff asap.

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