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After reading from cover to cover a book about Mad Magazine covers, I decided to design the covers of my comic book I make for myself in a "Mad" style. But what was a hot button issue of the month? I had already done a Trump cover a while ago. Hillary donned the back cover of the last issue. So I looked for another source of inspiration. I thought protesting against the national anthem was pretty dumb, so I drew this. I made the top part blank because that's where the logo goes. I was worried that the printer might print over the top part of the picture, but it didn't.

Now that I think about it, next month might be Hillary Clinton doing the same pose. (just kidding.)
I have been in a mode of creativity, I finished my second animation thing because I wanted to complete it because I was so close to. And yes, the cover does say issue #536. It's not a typo. I've been doing this since October 1994. I think the most issues I have done in a single year was 48. Although I have been slacking off since I have no ideas because I have done 535 issues. So now I have something to do the next time I get bored: write the issue to go along with this cover.

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