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Nap Protos for Sale!


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I will be saving and talking to a lawyer about your online terrorism.


I have been nothing but honest, and up front, I have done everything you have requested to this point, take pics of the boards ok, take pics of the back of the boards, ok, oh well umm can you record yourself playing all of them 1 at a time, yea cuz I have hours of my time to waste for $0 an hour. Whatever if you don't want them thats fine, I don't care jlanier on here these very forums knows that I'm trustworthy and can be trusted he has purchased a game most of you can only dream of owning from me, and guess what it worked, and yes it was what I stated it was not some pirated this or that made in the Chicago Basement.


So all the trolls can go back to dancing at the end of the shreck movies.


I have a LIFE maybe some of you should try it.


Ciao' 4 Now,









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Yea, whatever you say cupcake, because you have brought sooo many rare protos to light..


Ciao' 4 Now,




Yes, honeybuns, I have. More than you ever will in your dream life. :lol:


You have no idea how many people in this forum are laughing at you for that.

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Eeek! I should have



Could you please be a little more specific on which one of us you are referring to. :D

Well he was referring to ... er, well, um .. wait, did you steal my name, riverpatroller? arrgghhh!


BTW - I need to stop saying things like "No disrespect" and "i hope you stay healthy", that must be hate speech

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Well what does he know? Did he have Pink Panther? Didn't think so. Everyone knows all of the companies traded game code back and forth all the time because they were not in competition with each other. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go smoke something before I sue you for disagreeing with me on the internets.

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All of the carts have been purchased. Thank You for all of the good times here in the well Moderated AtariAge Forums.






I feel sorry for whoever you scammed with those by calling them prototypes. That is if you actually were able to sell them at all (your word isn't exactly believable anymore).

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