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Warp Drive - 60 FPS Shooter


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Warp Drive - 60 FPS Shooter


More eye candy, optical illusions and mind numbing speed make this simple game as entertaining and addictive to watch as it is to play!


Warp Drive overclocks a Stock Atari VCS to render 60 FPS of full screen interactive animation - this can only be experienced on hardware that can support it, or in the Stella emulator. There are demos that accomplish this too but none that are interactive.


Gameplay: You already know what to do, Warp Drive is loads of fun Pong parties! :)


Adjustable skill level: Left difficulty switch.


Warp Drive: The BW switch activates the Warp Drive (only Scotty activates the Warp Engines in multiplayer mode). It's fun to watch, and fun to try the impossible game play at that level but you'll need a classic Television with a Cathode Ray-Tube or the Stella emulator in order to properly see the action at Warp speed, modern Televisions combine frames and only show half the action.

Availability: I am taking preorders ($30 plus shipping) but will not bill anyone for the game until I have a production run ready to ship. Warp Drive will ship on CD for the SuperCharger and includes the game ROM and .wav files to load the game from your Harmony cart or your ipod. A four page color manual with individual and multiplayer game modes is also included.


Preview Video:

Stella 4.7.1_ _WARP DRIVE_STARFLEET_SIM_II_ 9_15_2016 12_18_10 PM.mp4

The video is from Stella but unfortuately while the game runs and plays beautifully in Stella it stutters a bit and drops frames when recordered with Windows game recorder (Windows key + G for anyone who doesn't know about this useful app). If anyone has a better way to record Stella without dropping frames, please let me know.


Warp Drive Technology: Based on StarFleet Simulation, Warp Drive has been enhanced, load balanced and optimized with a queue like in BoulderDash in order to utilize every last bit of processing power to render full screen animation at 60 FPS on a stock Atari 2600! :)


Enduring Game Concept:

post-30777-0-09100600-1473964122_thumb.jpg post-30777-0-56829400-1473964303_thumb.jpg

One button games aren't new - here's my Company's magazine ad for a similar genre game I wrote in the 80's. The technology has improved in Warp Drive but the gameplay is still pure fun! :)


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