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New ProDOS Released

First Spear

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Still can't do BASIC.SYSTEM on a II (not plus). Then again, who among us uses a II for any kind of work or play? Most of those are shelf queens and stuff.


I suppose the biggest part of this is doing ProDOS on a 6502. I wonder what it would take to make AppleWorks on a II+? Not that it'd be practical or anything.. For one, there's the MouseText character set. Two, extra memory. Three, other rom routines? And not forgetting 80 columns.. Just a thought.

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I think there was a program called PlusWorks. You'd still need an 80-column card specific to the ][+ (something like a Videx Videoterm) and additional RAM. And the 128K cards for the ][+ don't bank compatibly with the //e.


I guess in theory it might be possible to coax basic.system into working on an Integer ][ if you had a 32K RAM card, but you'd probably need a preload driver to replace the bank switching code inside ProDOS, as well as to load an Apple ][+ ROM onto the extra 16K.

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My "stuff" just about blew up when I was cruising through the disk and found it can do something I always wanted to do. Previously the task was full of tedium and annoyance.


Let's play a game and see if you can figure out what it was I was trying to do. Sharp forum readers might even know it offhand.

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