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I don't know how many times I have assumed someone is located in the US and offer them something just to find out they are not in the US and w/shipping costing $3 as compared to $15 that is quite a big difference. I guess I should 1st ask people where they are located.


I notice on some people's profile it gives location and some do not. I assume that is choice but could you just make a shipping country location mandatory? Nothing specific but it would be nice to know if someone lives in the US, Canada, or elsewhere. If not that's cool I will just have to train myself to ask people where the wants stuff shipped too before I send offered in the future.

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Yeah, being a forum in the first place, I don't think adding a mandatory "shipping location" in the profile would be a good idea.
Just ask the buyer. If you post stuff for sale in the marketplace, add shipping rates for different counties, or put a notice "ask for shipping rate outside US" or something like that.

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It's not just for me selling or listing items it is for people requesting as well. I fail to see why someone would mind having USA or like you guys Germany and Italy given under their name. It would just make it easier if you want to use the Marketplace forums that you are required to show your location. Most items are too costly to ship outside your country and it just ends up being a huge waste of time.


I was not asking for an address just a country. It is really annoying when someone "who knows" they live in a different country than you request a trade and then at the very end they say "oh by the way" I'm located "Here", is that ok.

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I've bitched and moaned about this across various forums for years. Some sites like Amibay, eventually forced the location to be filled out. To me, it's just common sense that people mention where in the world they're located when buying, selling or trading. Amazing how that "little" tidbit continues to elude people though. And I continue to get burned by members here that "disguise" (talking U.S. dollars, speak better english/diction and punctuation than most U.K and European members, etc.) themselves as American, but when you finally go to transact something with them - WHAMMO!! You find they're actually up in Canada! Wouldn't be a problem, if it weren't for the ridiculous cost of shipping and customs aggravations, but it *is* and ends up ruining 90+% of potential deals. In other words, all the dealing back and forth with pics, descriptions and haggling turns into a monumental waste of time.


Anyway, doesn't seem like it should be difficult for the forum software to detect whether someone is posting in one of the Marketplace forums. And_if_they_are, should pop up a requester asking them to fill out their location before proceeding *if* the software finds that pertinent info missing.

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