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Power droids


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Just a quick little XB thingy. ;)

100 call clear::print "TI BASIC READY"::call newline(24)::call wait(500)
110 call reveal(24,"SOMETHING WENT WRONG... ")::call wait(500)::call newline(23)
120 call char(40,"7CFC747CFE7C7C286C",42,"",43,"")::call magnify(3)::call wait(300)
130 call sprite(#1,40,2,178,17)::call wait(300)::call hchar(23,3,32)::call wait(500)::call motion(#1,-2,4)
140 call sound(-4000,-8,0)::call wait(300)::goto 140
150 sub newline(l)::print::call hchar(l,2,62)::call hchar(l,3,30)::subend
160 sub reveal(l,m$)::for c=1 to len(m$)::display at(l,c):seg$(m$,c,1)&chr$(30); ::next c::subend
170 sub wait(n)::for i=0 to n::next i::subend


Power droids are unsophisticated droids that act as ambulatory batteries, recharging vehicles and machinery. They are equipped with a small, internal power generator, and several plug-in sockets. They are commonly found on under-developed worlds that do not have an expansive power grid, or in mobile military operations.

Although they are extremely important to both military and civilian life, power droids are so commonly encountered in the galaxy that they often go unnoticed. The GNK droid by Industrial Automaton and the EG-series droid by Veril Line Systems are popular power droids. Both are commonly referred to as "gonks" after the low honking sound they can emit.




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Thanks for views, downloads and likes. ;)




As I indicated, there's nothing much to it. Here are some notes anyway.

  • Using program LOAD to auto-load and run, leaves the screen cleared. You can leave out the initial CALL CLEAR.
  • It starts up with a bit of confusion, as it mimics TI BASIC startup.
  • After a short delay, and preferably before you hit QUIT, a message is slowly appearing.
  • The cursor is going to change, and in this case I'm adding legs, so the lines are moved up to make the change visible.
  • The new cursor is a sprite and then simply travels slowly across the screen with a gonky soundeffect.
  • I try to make good use of user-defined subprograms.



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This was just a small spin-off on something else I was doing for a game.

The idea of starting out with something resembling TI Basic is not totally scrapped. And the cursor is your friend. - It's a platformer. ;)

So every time Sinphaltimus touches his Zombi game, I think of platformers and different routes of potential. Just made a count, and there's 4 platformer projects out of the 17 active. Occasionally some come and some go.

I've touched the Star Wars theme a few times, but right now, nothing's active. Otherwise a nice and well-known universe to exploit - as a fan project of course. ;)



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