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Epoch TV Vader Repair (Sound Issues)


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I've recently got my EPOCH TV Vader now, it's such a cool thing. It is in pretty bad shape, but I'm taking care of it.
It does work on my German TV, but I hear no sound at all. Instead I get an almost clear signal of a radio station...

Does anybody know how to fix this? I opened the thing up and there seems to be a part missing in the upper left corner, next to the Processor. I dont know what's missing -probably a capacitor? But if so, which one? If anybody has a TV Vader, can you help out and open it up to take a look... Could not find the guts of the TV vader anywhere on the net.

Pictures will follow soon!


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With the TV on and tuned to the TV Vader's channel do you...

a ) still hear the radio signal with the TV Vader off and the RF lead connected? and

b ) still hear the radio signal with the TV Vader off and no RF lead connected to the TV?


If only A is true the screen on the RF lead may be open circuit allowing the core to pick up the radio transmission, you could try measuring its resistance to confirm or just try another/new RF lead.

If A and B are true then I do not think there is nothing you can do about it as it would appear that the Radio station is transmitting a more powerful signal on the same carrier frequency as the TV Vaders audio in which case your only practical solution would be to move away from the transmitter.

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Thank you both for the advice. Unfortunately I had no luck finding a solution so far. I have tried wth different RF cables (one NES and one SEGA) and even a different TV.

I always get the same results: A very clear audio signal of a radio station (the clearer the picture on the TV the clearer is also the unwanted audio).


I ONLY hear the radio sound when th TV vader is ON (and also plugged into the TV). I don't hear any noise with the cable only is connected to the TV or with TV on/Vader off.
So I guess the problem is to be found in the console itself. Will repacing any parts (like recapping) help in this case?
Any more tipps?

cheers, mndn

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Plugging a Japanese (NTSC) game console on a German (PAL) TV is not the best option as NTSC and PAL are not very compatible.


But fear not! Does your German TV can go up to Channel 99 ? If so then try between channel 90 to 99 as some Japanese game

consoles/systems works great between channel 93 to 96 (still talking of a CRT TV, not LCD/LED TV's).


Just an example, i've tried a Fuji Electric Coca-Cola TV-Game Sportstron between channel 2 to 13 and i just get the game on a channel

and the sound can be heard on the next channel! But by tuning between channel 90 to 99, one of these channel (mostly channel 96) works.


Even Japanese RF signals doesn't work great on a CND/USA TV (even if Japan and North America uses NTSC), there's still a slight

difference between Japan and US RF signals but as composite video, that works like a charm. And again, NTSC composite video on a PAL

TV/monitor (or vice-versa) isn't compatible (no color and vertical sync rolls).


So try out between channel 90 to 99 and LMK if it works for you. =)


--- Sly DC ---

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