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"Gramd Priks" for Atari? What is this?


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It's a bootleg from Asia. I have a few Gramd Priks' in my collection, I'm pretty sure I have a Grand Prik too ;)

The reason it is spelt like that is because the bootleg companies were notoriously bad spellers! And since their English wasn't too great, they were often oblivious to which picture art should go with which game. Simple as that.

Do you have a pic? - I'm curious to see what yours looks like.

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Couldn't it be so that someone has opened a shell, replaced the PCB inside and put it back together? That means if you had a loose Stampede or bootleg, you reused the shell of a Grand Prix bootleg and didn't bother that the label and artwork no longer match.

Not really, random label art with Taiwan clones is very common

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