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HSC13 R16: "HSC Mixed Bag"


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HSC Mixed Bag


So let's dip into the bag and see what we pull out...


The idea here is to have some quick plays and some unknown games. The other suggestions will go into the next poll. If you don't have access to play these games then play some others for a few bonus points!


As well as Cloudburst (awesome) I've added a couple of other goodies - Parallax and Night Mission Pinball, plus some of your suggestions, a couple of newish games, and some that I had a quick look at and thought they might be ok :-o so let's find out :P


See Post #2 below for the games settings and scoring. HSC points will be awarded based on tournament positions.


Round NOW Closes Sunday 23rd October 10am UK time.



Disk 1: HSC13 R16 Mixed Bag - Disk 1.atr

Updated Disk 2: HSC13 R16 Mixed Bag - Disk 2C.atr

Or checkout Fandal Atarimania Atarionline.pl


Everyone welcome to play - screenshots optional - post if you need any help :)

Season 13 Current Standings Updated with Rounds 14 & 15 points.

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The Games / Settings / Tables




The Tables

Tourney Points (see game tables below)

1st trbb 75*

2nd Deteacher 55 *

3rd RedThunder 44

4th Dope 42

5th McKong 42

6th Sikor 32

7th Bunsen 19

8th pjedavison 18

9th roadrunner 12

10th devewbcl 7

10th Lord Thag 7

12th Mister-VCS 3

12th bluecat 3

Ties decided by "Night Mission Pinball" scores.

* Includes Highest Overall Score Bonus

1st trbb 569,124 +2pts

2nd Deteacher 346,611 +1pt

3rd Dope 340,779 0pt

4thRedThunder 318,382

5th Bunsen 288,424 0pt

6th McKong 208,023 0pt

7th Lord Thag 142,990 0pt


others <100,000



Take the default level unless stated below.

Atarinet play on all four skill levels

Atariod is PAL only

Cloudburst play on Expert

Incoming!! is 1pt for playing and 2pts for top score both on the normal version (on Disk 1) and on the new hacked version which doesn't reduce the score when you shoot (on Disk 2)

Bosconian is 1pt for playing and 2pts for reaching the end of the 3 rounds (which seem to repeat as it is still being programmed!) +1pt for highest score on latest (hard ver)

Night Mission Pinball - needs 2 joysticks - altirra configuration details here






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Final Tables
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Everyone - as you checkout the games please suggest what skill level (or levels) to play on, or if you have any fun or bonus point challenge ideas too :)


I remember Carnival Massacre being pretty easy so we'll have to limit it to a number of rounds and post the score and lives remaining or something...


Cloudburst - let's play on all the skill levels!!


Cyclod only had a quick look see go - you push the blocks into the snakes.



Had my first session

"2048" 638 1,380


Night Mission Pinball - 92K 99K 103K 154,030


for me this remains the best pinball we have :love: give It some time to hone your skills. Press Q to put in a Quarter then S to play, left stick to adjust spring. Use two sticks for the real experience - emulator users you'll need to figure out how to get the 2nd stick's button mapped (post if you are stuck). There is the ATR version out there which I will checkout. You can press Option to toggle the graphics mode - move sticks to adjust colours.

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Ugh i've always sucked at 2048... at least it's in stereo :D

I wondered if you could just go full "decathlon" on it and spin the stick but I think you do better trying to get the big score blocks :ponder:


Yes McKong brreak out that joystick and the real Atari :thumbsup:


So place your bets, what will be the game that really sucks for this round? :-D

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Beginner 47

Easy 97

Normal 141

Hard 370

nice game.



965 (screen 4)

not bad




epileptically fast


Night Mission Pinball

spent a bunch of quarters tonght 193,350

not manged to get the 25K yet and can't remember how you get the multiball from the gizmo (DROP) ? Right flipper needs some mastering so learn to catch!

I don't remember the ball leaking out from above the left flipper - will try my old copy :ponder:

Still Awesome

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So apparently this is a batch of games that I am not very good at (I already knew I had no way to win at Atarinet - not great at it, just love the game)

try turning the ends in around the outside, plod around joining up a few bits then work out from the source thingy... I didn't play to score just to do it :)


Shall we have another one for you to be bad at?!! - how about we throw Bosconian into the bag as we'll all be playing it no doubt - if it works if not add some feedback it's thread ;)

More submissions:


Speed Maza: 103 (and 2 seizures...) :-o


Night Mission Pinball: 202,950


Paralax: 14,740


Ok I'm hitting the pinball again! Did you get the multi-ball? It's been a long time....


Today's batch

Carival Massacre 6,900 - only got to 2x as was a bit rusty - not sure if this stops getting harder too soon ?

Cyclod - 679 4,857 (7) starts of slow but gets quick around level 5, looks like it could be a nice find

Da'Fuzz 8,940 only 2 has boards??

Star Island 3,820 18,840 (7) stick down stops your ship - again a pretty good game and a lot faster than the basic game Rings of the Empire which I remember.


Doing the tables for this round will be fun so I'm ignoring it until Sunday :-o





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