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Jag’s BST


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UPDATED 4/8/22:

100% on Atari Age (AA), +20, Link to AA Feedback

100% on Racketboy (RB) forum, +58 RB overall, Link to Racketboy Feedback

+53 listed in RB BST Transaction OP, +5 additional not yet totaled in OP.

**TOP 5 RB BSTer FROM 12/2015 TO 3/2017 Link** 8)

100% feedback on ebay, 366+ positive, Link to ebay feedback

- Ship from Houston area, Ship not included in prices, United States Shipping Only, Paypal gifted pls or add 3%

- I reserve the right to not sell to any one based on user feedback, better offers, communication (or lack thereof).

- A strike though indicates sold.


What are ya buyin'?





For Sale: 


Houston Area Pickup Only

Samsung 27” CRT TV (component inputs) with stand + remote - $25 > GONE
-    Model # TXM2790F
-       It's a SD Samsung Dyna Flat. 27" Samsung CRT.
-    Complete with 2 composite inputs, 1 component input (tested for 480i & 240p but no 480p), & headphone jack. No s-video.
-       Service menu can be accessed with the remote for geometry and advanced settings


Gateway 17” VGA CRT - $35 > SOLD
-    Model # VX765
-    Supports multiple resolutions from 480x640p up through 1280 × 1024 @ 60 Hz
-       Lots of geometry and picture options in menu
-    It’s only going to support older 15 Hz signals from retro computers if you’re running through a XRGB2 or something similar to bump to 31 or 60 Hz 
-      1024x768 (4:3) looks amazing off the XRGB3. 
-      640x480 (4:3) coming off a 480p system such as OG Xbox looks great. Only need a simple, cheap component to VGA transcoder. Will not support 480i without conversion to progressive. 




VGA Gateway CRTz1HABD8.jpg



Component Samsung CRT
> TXM2790F has no s-video as shown
> This cord had no exposed wiring/copper. The outer plastic was frayed a bit from where you could tell heavy TV was setting on cord from previous owner. I wrapped in electrical tape just to protect it from any future damage and to be overly safe.


Nintendo DS Lite Console Lot – Clean System & Games - $75  -- > dropped price $64 > SOLD
C/USG-USA-1 System + carrying case + hard outer plastic protective clamshell + screen protectors + OEM charger 
GBA cart protector is there, stylus is dark blue 
New Super Mario Bros (CIB)
Tetris Party (CIB)
Namco Collection (GBA cart only)







Sony PS1 Games, System, SCART, Misc

Crash Bandicoot (BL) - $34  --> dropped price to $27 > SOLD
Metal Slug (JPN) - $18 > has spine card > SOLD
Metal Slug X (JPN) - $18 > SOLD
Mega Man 8 (GH) - $13 > SOLD
Mega Man X4 (GH*) - $13 > SOLD
Firemen 2: Pete & Danny (JPN) - $34 > sequel to JPN & Euro only SNES game > SOLD
PS1 RGB SCART Cable** - $25  --> dropped price to $22 > SOLD
PS1 Dual Shock Analog Controller - $7 --> dropped price to $5 > SOLD
PS1 Goldfinger Mini (serial port device to run imports and/or CD-R burns & cheat device) - $10 --> dropped price to $8 > SOLD


BL = Black Label
GH = Greatest Hits 
JPN = Japanese NTSC region >  Gold Finger Mini above will allow to play imports (or new TonyHax or FreePSXBoot on mem cards)
Games have normal wear and scuffs. All played considerably & work.

* MM X4 has BL manual, GH spine
** High Quality,  Well Made - Insurrection Industries Sony PlayStation 1 RGB SCART Cable (Sync on luma IIRC) from Castlemania Games


PS1 SCPH-5501 Console - $35 > SOLD
System with mod chip (MM3 likely?), swapped laser (harvested from another newer system but not new), and new ribbon cable. Would really prefer Houston area pickup with all the work inside and efforts. This was a labor of love and patience to get this all working :D so want someone else to get handed it in same shape. Can include a controller (PS2 transparent blue), 2 first party mem cards, power & composite AV cables.









PS1 Mini Goldfinger 


SNES & NES Manuals - $17 > SOLD
Tecmo Bowl – NES
Duck Hunt / Mario Bros – NES
Super Mario World – SNES
Star Fox – SNES
UN Squadron – SNES
SNES Console Instruction Manual
NES Console “Consumer Information and Precautious Booklet”


While I didn’t tirelessly flip through every page, I did give them a flip through and check the memo/notes section at back. I saw no writing. Overall clean manuals with some wear, but nice.


Free PS1 Console (SCPH-7501) > GONE


Hey all, have a spare PS1 console (SCPH-7501) that is in decent shape & boots fine, but the laser needs to be replaced or calibrated with oscilloscope (will hang up at times & skip on FMVs). Figured I'd give it to someone in the community interested in repair or repurposing the shell casing, mother board, power supply, controller inputs, etc. Worth noting it does have a serial port (no cover) & is compatible with the PSIO ODE (model mobo not compatible with XStation yet). I have verified the serial port works. Just cover shipping & it's yours. Thanks.  



Check my AA Auction thread for more here:


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Jaguar games added! Image is from William at Atari Age. Check out his site. You can order these individually or as a book! I know we have some game room wall art junkies here. His site is linked in this AA thread:





Edit: This is unsolicited & just a cool bump pic :)

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Great AA member to buy from. I bought a bunch of DS/3DS games from Jag a few weeks ago.

Thanks Scotty! That really helps man.


To any one interested:

If you check my ebay feedback you'll see the positive feedback I have listed for the 3DS handheld & 11 DS games I moved to ebay from this thread, along with several other game & movie sales. I also link the page on RB & AA auction sections. That is me :P


Also 31 positive trades at Racketboy (RB) retro forums linked as well. A few pending right now that will add to that.

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Prices will come (short on time today) but please shoot me PMs if you're interested. I look to move these & with them being nice CIBS titles, I see them selling fairly quick. Posting on Racketboy & Atari Age. I'd like to keep them in community versus ebay! I will negotiate.

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Okay all:

- Added 14 quality PS2 titles. Some top notch games such as Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Okami, and Beyond Good & Evil.

- Prices to follow on PS2 games. Been very busy with work. Please PM to hold. I'm always well below ebay.

- Removed all sold games. Jaguar games are gone! One Saturn title left.

- 12% Off still going

- If you bought anything from me recently, it is on your doorstep/in mailbox or went out today. Check your PMs for tracking :).

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