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Atari lynx vs gameboy color


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While the B&W gameboy was released,a slightly color version of it hitted the market in 1998.

But the atari lynx had already color back in 1989,and it featured 16bit graphics such as multi scrolling backgrounds,sprites scaling,slow & low polygon rendering etc,,,

It featured full digital sound,left/right hand switch,a huge link network.

Had twice ram as gameboycolor.

It's incredible how forward the lynx really was.

Damm if the lynx just servived till 2002,we may could,ve see more and great ports of games for it.

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Most GB Color games are just GB games with an added palette. Several last gen GB games such as Shantae look amazing and are rivaling with early GBA titles in quality.

Let's not forget that the GB Color CPU run at twice the speed of the DMG Game Boy; the Game Boy Color isn't just a "Color GB" but a different console, pretty much how the Supergrafx is more than a Coregrafx.




Alone in the Dark on GBC feature a 3D character in photorealist background, in the fashion of the Resident Evil games on PS1 :



Technically , while the raw GBC feature less RAM in total than the Lynx, (32Ko and 16 Ko of VRAM) the carts themselves can have up to 128Ko of RAM. And the carts themselves can have up to 8 Mo of ROM.


The Lynx still remains an amazing portable powerhouse, but comparing Nintendo and the Lynx isn't really fair : Nintendo went on the way of portability and economy (on price and battery) over technical achievement.

It would be like comparing a supercar and a Citroën 2CV : they simply aren't designed with the same goals in mind.

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I guess it was more a limitation of the 160 x 102 screen resolution. You can't add more detail than what's available in pixels.


The game gear might not have had the same graphics muscle, but at 160 x 144, you can draw much more detail. I was always jealous of the basic graphics of the GG. If the Lynx had had the same resolution along with its scaling powers etc, it would have been immense.

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lynx has some screen blur,original gameboy had blurr the game boy color seems to do a bit better but since there is no backlight it is difficult to play in anywhere other than when its bright out


the gameboy color its pretty good it just didnt seem like much of an improvement the only game that seems to take advantage of the system is super mario brothers


nintendo did make a mistake since they made pokemon pinball with the rumble pack and it was compatable with original gameboy it had the locking tab area open but then all the other clear rumble pack games had that same tab slot so they looked like you could just use them in a gameboy,the regular clear games would not allow an original gameboy to turn on

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