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This morning while having my over-sized mug of coffee...

...I took a few minutes to review a few old topics and fell into the F18A threads...


Can you believe the F18A has only been out for around 5 years? Over those years it's been continually supported by the developer, and he's worked with software guys to add improvements and refinements. It's now even possible to upgrade the firmware yourself.

During that time, among the Atari Age crowd, it's become THE STANDARD... more of us now use an F18A over any other display method.


Now that we all know the inexpensive little VGA to HDMI converters JediMatt turned us onto work, I would not be the least bit surprised if even more people get an F18A to hook up to their flat big screen screen TV's to use as monitors.


Looking back, the F18A has had an amazing ride from a new item a few years back, to supremacy in the present. It does not get any better than that! :thumbsup:






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I will have one by year's end.


I don't blame you one bit! You'll L :lust: VE it!


I've said it before, in my admittedly biased opinion, the F18A is the single most important item, to modern TI use. Heck, I never would have stuck with the TI if I had to put up with a blurry, bleedy and 'strobie' screen. I better stop now, I'm starting to sound like a bloody commercial.

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Thank you Omega, your ongoing support, advocacy, and awareness over the years is very much appreciated. It does not seem like it has been so long, but I just pulled this out of the main HDL file for the F18A:

-- Create Date:    16:23:24 04/21/2010
-- Module Name:    f18a_core - rtl

The F18A did not actually ship until the summer of 2012. Basically it took me about 2 years to learn VHDL and produce the F18A. The in-system updater would not exist without help from Rasmus and Tursi, and most of the V1.6 feature changes can be attributed to Rasmus as he wrote software to use the F18A's enhancements.


And of course I'm still trying to get time to write documentation... Ah well, it will happen eventually. :-)

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