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Atari 410 Repair


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I just got an 800 system, with some accessories, but the tape drive doesn't work. Occasionally I'll get a vague noise when I press rewind, but even that is infrequent. It won't play when I type "CLOAD" in the prompt.


I looked inside it, and the belts aren't broken.


I'm thinking that I'll just cannibalize the SIO cable for a SIO2Arduino build--the drive isn't in particularly good shape, and looking on Ebay, SIO cables aren't that much less than a new 410 or even 1010. I also have a disk drive that sounds like it works (I haven't actually got any 5.25 disks yet), so I'd only use the tape drive to download programs from a PC, with the SIO2Arduino would solve.


But I'd appreciate any opinions. Thanks.

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Belts are likely stretched out, in addition there is a spring that gets stretched causing the issues you describe. It's fixable with the right belts and modifying the spring. But the question becomes is it work the time/expense?


I have two tubs full of cassettes so I always try and resurrect tape drives.

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