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So I've been using a DVD like a zip drive, erasing a particular project I am working on and then putting the updated file onto it. I noticed this makes odd visible gaps in the CD where the certain info has stopped and before the other info is stored. I am wondering whether to ditch the CD idea and just get a zip drive. It would probably be a lot easier. I am in the middle of making an hour-long MP3 and I want to back it up somehow, working on bits and pieces at a time. So I shouldn't need more than 1G. Or even a quarter of that. The file is only 17.2MB and I'm almost half done with it. Yesterday was an exciting night. We had an unexpected thunderstorm go by. It lasted more than an hour. It was the longest one I've ever witnessed. The lightning lit up the night sky. My sister's house lost power, but I was still working away on the computer afterwords, thankful my power didn't go out. I was up until 3am but I still couldn't figure out what I was doing. I gave it a real good go, but I just couldn't do it. So I reluctantly went to bed.

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