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TRON Deadly Discs for the 2600?


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That's really neat! Don't believe those blue shells are available anymore. A whole bunch of them (as well as red) were found leftover from Zimag's stock IIRC. This is definitely a custom case (game is probably the same) done by someone who knew what they were doing. Love the LED glow myself. :love:

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TRON Deadly Discs was a 1982 release by Mattel Electronics under their M-Network label, as others have said. The reason the original cartridge was such a strange shape is that Mattel used their Intellivision cartridge shells with 2600 "adapters" snapped onto them for all their Atari 2600 cartridges (presumably to keep their materials cost down).


This particular cartridge seems to be a reproduction made with a blue cartridge shell. About ten (?) years ago, VideoGame Wiz was selling new 2600 shells molded in translucent blue and red plastic, and this certainly looks like one of theirs. If so, the board inside is probably one of theirs, too.


EDIT: Here is their archived store page from 2006, showing the blue and red shells. It's too bad they're not available anymore. (I checked their current site and couldn't find the store, and I also got some malware warnings.)

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