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Atari 1200XL Dust Cover Thread


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I recently purchased a cover for my 800XL from these fine people:




I'm really pleased with it, so I asked the people behind he covers if they could make one for the 1200.


They said there is not enough demand ( 2 or 3 inquiries in the last few years) but if we could get 50 or so people interested we should let them know.


Do you fine people think we cab get 50 people interested on AtariAge in a 1200XL cover so we could persuade them to make one?






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I want one for my 1200XL definitely. I've been looking for one since I tried to order one of the classic brown ones from Best Electronics, they are sold out. Apparently for the 1050, 1025 and 1010 as well as I attempted to order one of each.


But if it helps to reach the 50 mark, count me in for two.

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Very nice, but...uh...it doesn't do much good if you don't clean the 1200XL off in the first place... :P Mine has never gotten that dirty without a dust cover.. :-o


That's why i realized I needed to put it under a dust cover if I was going to leave it "out on display" all the time.


Yes, it was pretty dusty. I guess I should have dusted it BEFORE the picture. Duh.

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