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My Computer Room.


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I enjoy seeing other folks setups and things. Especially without watermarks ;)

Well, here's my "Computer Room" so to speak. This is an older picture from August. It's a real mess right now as I have computer parts strewn all over the place. I'll post an updated picture when I'm done putting everything away and re-setting everything back up the way I need it to be.

For now, just one picture.

The powere on screen is my PC setup, to the left of that is where the TIU resides temporarily and to the left of that (not in photo) is my Amiga setup temporarily a well.

When all is said and done, I'll have all 3 consoles within reach of my charir. Amiga and TI will share a monitor with my PC. PC-HDMI, Amiga-VGA, TI-RCA Video.

The arcade machine you see to the left of the TV is an old Mr. Do's Castle cabinet that I purchased for $65 because it was broken (the arcade game components).
It runs Windows XP and MAME32 with a bunch of other emulators (Atari 2600, etc..) and some PC games that are arcade like and fit the setup.


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Watermarks you mean ? :) we would like to see the computers...

LOL, Yeah, those photos will come soon. I only have 4 computers. An Amiga 500, TI-99/4a, Windows 98 Dell tower and my everyday PC.


We also have this thread for systems.



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The following photos are today or "the before" photos. I have some more work to do to several machines and some shelves to build before I bring the Amiga, TI and my main PC together in on setup.

Here's Mi Amiga 500. 68000 @ 7mhz, 1MB Chip 0MBFast ram, WB3.1 upgraded, 50MB HDD, 100MB Zip, Internal DF0: GoTek with Cortex and external DF1:



My stock TI-99/4a with ATX powered peb - work in progress - need to install 3.5 floppy and GoTek, heat probes and GoTek LCD.


My PC - AMD 8350 Eight Core, 32GB ram, Windows10x84, GTX 770 w4GB, Wacom Cintique 12wx + 3 screens. (too much more to list)


My Dell Dimension XPS T500 Pentium III Windows 98, 30GB HDD, Zip250 drive, cd-rom (rest of specs forgotten - will post another time)
The other one is a broken one for parts. Identical.




My LAMER-CADE (L.enny's A.rcade-M.achine E.mulating R.etro-arCADE) - Power by a broken gateway laptop (has no screen) running windows XP and MAME32. X-Arcade DUAL Tack and TrackBall.


Collection of laptops dating back to Windows XP days. The bottom right Dell has ICAROS desktop OS installed (Amiga OS for x86).


I'll only post more pics when I complete the work I'm doing.


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I use zip drives because each disk is twice my available hdd storage lol. I load up thousands of adf fils to usb for the GoTek. And I recently ordered the scsi2sd. When that arrives I'll be replacing the 50mb with a 16gb sd card partitioned into to 4 x 4gb drives.


As soon as I find a few more atz power supplies, I'm putting it all into a tower case and adding a scsi cd-rom to the internal connection of the gvp.


That'll max me out on scsi ids.


Then I sit and wait for the VampireII.



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