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Hardware Sprites and Upgrading to "E"


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I've never really been into Atari ST. No real reason other than I didn't have one as a kid. Now I have six (trying to get at least one of them to work!).


Anyway, am I correct in that *none* of the Atari ST's had hardware sprite support?


I read that the "E" (Extended?) was an enhanced version of the ST. Increasing the color count to 4096 and adding a blitter. But I don't think it added hardware sprites?


So, can a 1040ST (or even 520ST) be upgraded to an STe?



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I would love to. I just don't own one. :-D


Got one you want to sell?


I just replaced a bad capacitor on the ONLY Atari ST power supply I have and my 520 STfm works! First time I have ever used an ST. I should be ashamed.


Next, I'm going to build an S-Video converter so that I can use my NON-Modulator Atari ST's. Including a 1040 STf I have. I did something similar for the Amiga.


If I can get it to work, I may have some boards made. I'd like to figure out how to use the monochrome VGA too but that's another topic.

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Good job! I actually put a STFM power supply into a STE and brought that back to life years back. Theres a place that actually makes new power supplies for the STs and they are a lot more technologically advanced., ie less likely to fail in a way that will zap your motherboard. Cant recall the name but uncle google will find them for you.

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