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Lynx HSC 2016-2017 Round 1 Rampart


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The new season of the Atariage Lynx high score club kicks off with the arcade classic Rampart.

post-22103-0-33724200-1474776509_thumb.png post-22103-0-78360800-1474776524_thumb.png

Settings - beginner - No Continues

Deadline to post scores is November 1st 2016 at 12 PM EST

Lynx HSC record is 19,828 by Der Luchs
Bust it for 1 bonus point

Busted! Peyo 26,750 +1 point

Side challenge -

Play another version of Rampart for 1 bonus point
One point per person

darthkur 18,968 (NES) +1 point
jeremiahjt 9,931 (Genesis) +1 point
roadrunner 1,058 (MAME) +1 point

Final high scores Lynx -

26,750 Peyo +11 points +3 points
15,680 Craftiful +10 points
15,117 jeremiahjt +9 points
10,368 darthkur +8 points
8,727 BadPricey +7 points
1,331 roadrunner +6 points

Current season point standings -

None yet!

Link to manual


Any corrections please post

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when you have finished the battles with boats, then there is another game where you have to fight against one canon only. i have beaten it one time and then, there is another map... so i think this is endless.

Any chance you can get some video of this? I would like to see it and I do not think there are very many Lynx Rampart videos available.

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