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Polybius 2nd run


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Hi guys, I've had continuing interested for Polybius ever since we originally produced it for PRGE 2013 and I think it's time that we do a second, and most likely final run of carts for it. This numbered release includes a dvd style box and a new label to differentiate it from the original release.

Being that it's our most requested game I've decided to do pre orders so that we can more accurately gauge how many pcbs and eproms we'll need to complete the run. The pre order period starts today and ends November 31st with production of the carts starting immediately once the pre order period ends. Games will be numbered in the order that pre orders are received so that the early birds will get the lowest numbers.

Thanks go out to Rick Weis who I called crazy when he asked about the possibility of making a Polybius game for the 2600 and John Hancock as without him I probably wouldn't have even started 2600 development in the first place. Hard to believe that I've done 6 games now!

Link to the store page is below.


There's some info on the backstory of the game and a short mention of the 2600 version on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polybius_(video_game) (although I'd bet most people here already know the story behind the game)


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